China high quality CHINAMFG 16/22/32/36/42/45mm 12V 24V 0.5W-100W High Torque BLDC or Brushed DC Gear Motor Planetary Gearbox with Encoder vacuum pump electric

Product Description

Basic Info.

EM custom engineered motors and gear motors.CHINAMFG Motor  designs each motor uniquely for your application.


PG42775 series  Gearmotor consist of 42mm PG42 type  planetary gearbox and 42mm RS-775 type  brushed motor,with magnet encoder
The gearbox can be customized for different speeds and torque to meet application requirements, with high durability, high performance, high precision, high starting torque, low failure rate, small size, easy assembly, and disassembly.Optional features include encoders, noise suppressors, custom shafts, custom leads and terminations, custom mounting and rear shaft extensions.


Product name 42mm diameter planet gear motor
Motor type carbon-brush commutator
Gear type Straight gearwheel planet gearhead
Gearbox housing material 1045 Steel
Geartrain material 40Cr Steel , Powder Metallurgy 
Shaft material 40Cr Steel 
Output shaft support Dual Ball  bearing
Rotation direction CW/CCW reversible
OEM & ODM Service Available 
Certificate CE,ROHS,SGS,TUV,IATF16949
Encoder 3PPR,7PPR,13PPR ,Click ME-775 to see details
Shaft Configuration D-cut,Keyway,Round ,Hexagon, Splined or other type
Customization item speed , torque,  flange , shaft,  IP rating 
Additional requirements  Lead wire, connector, coupling ,encoder,or other parts

Key Features

—Various gear ratios enable either speed reduction or to increase the torque capability.

—Advantageous torque with minimum space requirements.

—Suitable for continuous, reversing and intermittent operation.

—Can be installed in any mounting position.

—High Torque, Low Energy Consumption, Low Noise.


—Magnetic encoder provides feedback for your accurate control of motor speed and positioning.

—Capacitor& resistor for EMC suppression.

—Special shaft material and dimensions.

—Custom design; OEM products available.

—Professional DC gear motor customization at various RPM, torques, OD, voltages,  IP rating , etc.


Twirl  can provide special shaft or flange version CHINAMFG request. Gearbox design, Shaft Material, Flange shape and IP level can be made according to your requirement.


CE, ROHS, SGS, TUV, IATF16949 quality management system

The following is the specification of the standard product.

Gearbox Data:

Gear Data
Number of stages 1 2 3 4 5
Reducation ratio 3.7 10.2;13.7;19.2 32.5;50.9;71.2;99.5 139;188;264;369;516 699;977;1367;1911;2672
Gearbox length “L”mm 31.8 43.1 54.4 65.7 77
Running torque( 50. 12 3 12 45 12 6 24 3 24 45 24 6000 ≤600 5100 ≤1800 574 30.8 4565 ≤12.1
BL42126000 12 6000 ≤620 5133 ≤2785 469 24.7 3396 ≤17.1
BL42246000 24 6000 ≤340 5319 ≤1968 669 36.5 5496 ≤14.1

Encoder specs

Packing and delivery



1. Can you make the gearbox with custom specifications?
YES. We have design and development team, also a great term of engineers, each of them have
many work years experience.

2.Do you provide the samples?
YES. Our company can provide the samples to you, and the delivery time is about 10-15days according to the specification of gearbox you need.

3.What is your MOQ?
Our MOQ is 1000pcs. But at the beginning of our business, we accept small order.

4. Do you have the item in stock?
I am sorry we donot have the item in stock, All products are made with orders.

5. Do you provide technology support?
YES. Our company have design and development team, we can provide technology support if you

6.How to ship to us?
We will ship the goods to you according to the DHL or UPS or FEDEX etc account you provide. 

7.How to pay the money?
We accept T/T in advance. Also we have different bank account for receiving money, like US dollors or RMB etc.

8. How can I know the product is suitable for me?
Frist, you need to provide us the more details information about the product. We will recommend the item to you according to your requirement of specification. After you confirm, we will prepare the samples to you. also we will offer some good advances according to your product use.

9. Can I come to your company to visit?
YES, you can come to our company to visit at anytime, and welcome to visit our company.

10. How do contact us ?
 Please send an inquiry


Application: Universal, Industrial, Household Appliances, Car, Power Tools, Equipment
Operating Speed: Constant Speed
Excitation Mode: Excited
Function: Control, Driving
Casing Protection: Closed Type
Number of Poles: 2
US$ 1/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)




China high quality CHINAMFG 16/22/32/36/42/45mm 12V 24V 0.5W-100W High Torque BLDC or Brushed DC Gear Motor Planetary Gearbox with Encoder   vacuum pump electricChina high quality CHINAMFG 16/22/32/36/42/45mm 12V 24V 0.5W-100W High Torque BLDC or Brushed DC Gear Motor Planetary Gearbox with Encoder   vacuum pump electric
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