OEM elevator servo motor reducer worm gear


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Place of Origin:

Zhejiang, China

Brand Name:


Model Number:

reducer gear 002



Standard or Nonstandard:



right hand or left hand

Heating treatment:

high frequency induction harden

Surface treatment:



less than 102


span measuring

Pressure angle:

20 degree and others

Product Name:

OEM elevator servo motor reducer worm gear


worm gear





Supply Ability

Supply Ability:
5000 Piece/Pieces per Month

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details
Taichung port
Lead Time
45~90 days

Online Customization

Product Description

OEM worm reducer gear

Commonmaterialsthat apply:


S45C or SAE AISI 1045 , SCM440 or 42CrMo4 or SAE AISI 4140,SCM415 or 15CrMo5 or SAE AISI 4115


SNCM220 or 21NiCrMo2 or SAE AISI 8620 , SNCM439 or 40NiCrMo6 or SAE AISI 4340,aluminum alloy AL6061 T6 AL7075 T6


copper, brass, bronze,phosphor bronze

stainless steel

SUS 303 or UNS S30300 or AISI 303 or DIN X10CrNiS18 9 or ENX8CrNiS18-9 , SUS 304 or UNS S30400 or AISI 304


POM (Polyoxymethylene), NYLON 66


In some cases, cast iron, forging, powder metallurgy apply.

Processthat may apply:

Hobbing, shaping,milling, lathing, drilling, tapping, keyseating, machining, broaching, rolling, grinding, skiving.

Surface treatment:

electroplating, anodizing, dyeing, laser engraving, Nitrification, high-freequency induction and carburetion treatment, quenching, tempering, annealing.

The gears we make:

spur gears

spur gears, double spur gears, brass spur gear, large spur gears, small spur gears, aluminum spur gears,miniature spur gears, mini spur gears,

helical gears

helical gears, double helical gears, involute gears

worm gears

worm and worm wheel, worm shafts, worm gear screw shafts, worm gear unit, micro worm gears, mini worm gears, worm drive shafts, worm gear shafts


pinion gears, small gears, small pinion gears, pinion spur gears,wheel pinions, precision gears, brass pinion gears, fishing reel pinion gears, toy motor pinion gears,

planteary gears

planet gears, sun gears,epicyclic gears, annular gears, annulus ring gears, planetary pinion gears.

internal gears

inner gears, internal ring gears, inner ring gears, ring and pinion gears

external gears

external ring gears, outer ring gears, flywheel ring gears


bicycle sprockets, chain sprockets, roller chain sprockets, conveyor sprockets, chain wheel sprockets, sprocket wheels, kart sprockets, motor sprockets

plastic gears

plastic spur gears, plastic double spur gears, plastic helical gears, plastic worm gears, plastic pinion gears, plastic sprockets, Nylon gears

other gears

large gears,brass gears, copper gears, bronze gears,alloy metal gears


shafts, stainless steel shafts, metal shafts, brass shafts, gear shafts, motor shafts, transmission shafts, input shafts, output shafts, spur gear shafts, helical gear shafts, splines, spline shafts, gear shaft set, spline gears, spline gear shafts, pinion shafts, precision shafts, hydraulic shafts, machine shafts, roller shafts

The features of our gear:

1. Low vibration

2. Low noise

3. Sustain high speed operation.

4. Durability.

A wide range of application with our gears and shafts:
all sorts of motors

reducer motors, electrical motors, stepper motors, DC motors, AC motors, servo motors, geared motors, water pump motors, brushless motors, 12V motors, tubular motors, starter motors, induction motors, hydraulic motors, hub motors, wiper motors, bicycle motors, actuators, linear motors

all sorts of machines

CNC machines, wrapping machine, strapping machines, packing machines, printing machines, papper shredders, wood cutting machines, food processing machines, sewing machines

tools and mechanical parts

pneumatic hand tools, power transmission gears, lawnmowers, brush cutters, gearbox, gear box, planetary gearbox

health care and fitness

automatic hospital beds, wheelchairs, treadmills, massage chairs, bicycles

home appliance and recreation

safe box, sliding gate, rolling door, roller shutter, power transmission parts, fishing gears, rc cars, rc helicopters, rc toys, robotic toys.

automotive parts

sunroof motors, power window motors, automotive parts, motorcycle parts, ATV parts

Our Services

With over 25 years dedication to the manufacture of gears and shafts, our ultimate goal is to deliver the best service at an irresistible cost. That is why we invest in many state of the art produce and inspection equipment.

We only work on custom made cases.

we are a OEM gear manufacturer. Offering taylor made or bespoke gears and shafts is our major service. The best way to use our service is to provide the engineering drawings of your projects and wait for our best quote.

Company Information

A glimpse into our facility :

1. LCS 200 Gear generating and profile grinding machine made by LIEBHERR, Germany

2. KP200 auto CNC skiving machine made by KOEPFER, Germany

3. KN151 auto CNC skiving machine made by KASHIFUJI , Japan

4. TTi-300H CNC gear measuring system made by Tokyo Technical instruments Inc. Japan