February 26, 2020

3 Backlash Levels, as low as 3 arc-min
IP65 environment protection
Motor adaptors for any servo engine, 50w through 5kW
24 hour delivery
he Circulute 3000 Reducer is EP’s next generation cycloidal quickness reducer. It utilizes 52100 grade bearing steel on most of its speed reduction components. It is offered with a complete two year guarantee, not tied to hours of operation, and is able to endure abuse that would break the teeth of ordinary velocity reducers.
The EP 3000, easily available with inputs for both servo and induction motors, features a compact design with single reduction ratios of 11:1 to 71:1 at 95% operating efficiency. Offered in two backlash rankings and multiple mounting choices, the EP 3000 has a design tough enough for both servo and standard induction electric motor applications. The unique two piece pin housing design guarantees result shaft backlash rankings of less than 6 arc-min.
The EP provides a solution for ultra-high precision, obtaining accuracies up to 20 arc-seconds. The EP allows an application to reach negligible backlash, maintain exceptional rigidity, and maximize control stability to ensure that the desired output motion can be easily achieved. The look is truly a distinctive concept, utilizing a full get in touch with screw-like transmitting for high effectiveness and elimination of use. The unit provides maximum compactness using orthogonal axes and contains a large hollow shaft for flexibility.

Wide range of servo gearboxes, designed to fit virtually all servo motors found on the market
Designed for the best torsional stiffness and the cheapest angular backlash, meant for the utmost torque and overhung loads
Bush with slots and hub clamp for servomotor coupling
Enhanced dimensional compactness due to direct servomotor coupling
Widest range of feasible servomotors coupling dimensions.
The right technical solution because of a comprehensive range of sizes, gear stages, transmission ratios, designs and nonstandard designs.
Servo equipment reducers (worm, coaxial, helical and bevel helical systems) Catalog SR
Operating instructions:
Operating instructions for gear reducers and gearmotors (UTD.045)
EP Drive Systems, Inc. is very happy to announce the growth of our range of Servo Reducers, at this point offering five degrees of precision to meet any software requirements. The five levels of precision obtainable allows a machine designer to select the required reducer precision to meet their requirements and their budget. They are available in both in-collection and right-angle versions, in torques up to 7,376 lb.ft. and ratios to 3,392:1.
Standard applications for these reducers include rotary & linear axis drives, and material handling axis drives. Industries offered include Material Handling, Automation, Aerospace, Machine Tool and Robotics.
The installation faces of the HT, HP, Electronic and B versions are identical, which makes it possible to interchange a unit with a higher or lower accuracy unit if needed.
A wide range of electric motor couplings and installation flanges are available for the entire reducer range to install virtually any servo engine and the hollow bore output can be used to mount output shafts, pinion shafts, or other drive components.
These reducers are typically selected predicated on the peak cycle forces, which usually happen during accelerations and decelerations. These cycle forces depend on the driven load, the speed vs. time profile for the routine, and any other external forces acting on the axis. For more selection information, please follow this PDF hyperlink.
For application & selection assistance, please call, fax or email us. The application information will be reviewed by our engineers, who’ll recommend the best solution for the application.
EP Inc. offers a full range of modular servo gearboxes /worm reducers. The modular style permits configurations with motor input flange and output pinion for rack and pinion drives, and also solid output shafts, Hollow bore result, and input shafts for all the positioning applications. The modular style allows for universal mounting of the gearbox in any orientation.
They can be utilized on motors with a NEMA23 standard flange via an adaptor package. As the gears are normally angled, they lead to a short total amount of the engine and its gear.
The series can also be delivered both right- and left-angled and with output shafts on both sides. A 30-mm machine recess for centering and a 4 M5 threaded mounting hole may also be built on the gear’s output side.
Built with a simple and robust design, the series offers gearing ratios that range between 6:1 to 75:1. An individual may also customize the materials through the order, so as to match the gear to its intended app.
The Precision Planetary Gears of the EPRG series contains a thorough selection of low backlash planetary gearboxes, with up to class 3′ precision, available in several gear frame sizes, with single or multiple stage reduction (for gear ratios from 1:3 to at least one 1:1,000). These models likewise incorporate versions with dual shaft, right angle shaft and right position output, in addition to a full selection of adapters for motor mounting, making them with the capacity of meeting the requirements of even the most different applications. They are created for make use of with built-in servo and stepper EP motors, mounted straight or via adaptor flanges, but can also be used in combination with other EP electric motor types. This selection of products is based on years of encounter and represents the end result of a decade-long analysis aimed at improving performance.
Maximum precision and dynamics, combined with outstanding torque density, will be the key requirements specific for reliable servo gearboxes in practice. EP offers servo gearboxes for any program and any efficiency range. Our low-backlash planetary and right-angle gearboxes reflect our passion for creativity and the highest levels of precision.
Worm gear reducers provide market enhance solution with efficiency and flexibility. Low amount of basic models can be applied to an array of power ratings guaranteeing top performance and reduction ratios from 5 to 1000.
Gear reducers and servo gearboxes of EP Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. are created for high-performance mechanical devices. When the motor quickness needs to be reduced, the result torque boosts and send torque totally to the application. We believe that customers will appreciate our equipment reducer to accomplish their demand. Just go to EP, you will get more information about servo gearheads, servo gearboxes, and equipment reducers. We continue to keep going forward for your support.
Plug the Quickness Reducer in to the desired channel of your receiver, and plug the lead from your own servo (or servo wye) into the man servo lead from the circuit board. The set screw on the blue trim pot, located close to the top of the main circuit board, is utilized to control the speed of the servo. Switch the set screw completely clockwise (CW) for normal servo speed without speed reduction, fully counter-clockwise (CCW) for optimum speed reduction, or anywhere in between for partial quickness reduction. The reddish LED indicates three possible conditions: Sluggish Blinking = No Signal; Solid On = No Rate Decrease; Fast Blinking = Reduced Quickness Setting
Please note that in the event that you make any modify to the speed environment as the receiver is on, you must cycle capacity to the receiver (change if off and back again on) for the new speed setting to take impact. This circuit may also be utilized in conjunction with our Servo Reverser to cause flap or retract servos to turn in opposite directions for correct function. Guidelines are included for easy installation and use.
IMPORTANT NOTE: This device will only work on a normal, proportional servo. You won’t work on a retract-type servo, as they do not recognize any servo positions apart from clockwise (CW) and counter-clockwise (CCW). Retract servos cannot be slowed down, even by a transmitter which includes this function, as their style and electronics do not allow it. Check the FAQ page to find out more.
This device will reduce the speed of any regular, proportional servo. Connect it in the middle of your receiver and the servo (or servos) you wish to control for a far more scale-like movement of flaps or retracts. Adjustable, it can be set to lessen the quickness of your servo from super-slow motion to no speed decrease at all, with an nearly infinite quantity of positions among. Maximum reduction time for a servo to visit 90 degrees is about 14 seconds, minimum time (no reduction) is simply the normal speed of the servo. Great for reducing or removing the tendency of a plane to “balloon up” when flaps are deployed. It can be utilized to control more than one servo by utilization of a normal servo Y.
This is actually the new regulated version that can be utilized on radio systems powered by any size or type of battery, including 4.8-6.0 volt 4-5 cell Ni-Cad/Ni-MH batteries, and HV (high voltage) receivers that are powered by 2-cell 6.6-8.4 volt Li-Po/Li-Ion/Lifestyle batteries. This unit won’t reduce the voltage going to your servos.
The EP Gear Reducer may be the perfect solution for servomotor applications such as for example packaging devices, gantries, injection molding machines, pick and place, and linear slides.Provided in concentric shaft, correct angle solid shaft, and correct angle hollow shaft styles with modular adaptor flanges and keyless compressible bushings to very easily mount to any manufacturer’s servo engine. The EP Series helical gears possess slanted teeth compared to spur gears with straight cut teeth, producing a smoother equipment mesh, yielding significantly lower noise levels.
The low backlash EP planetary servo gear units are created for the 30 to 350 Nm (265 to 3100 lb-in) torque classes. They were designed to combine the greatest possible flexibility and cost-efficiency because don’t assume all application requires high-performance parts.
They offer a basis for diverse, dynamic and cost-optimized drive solutions.
The EP planetary servo equipment units can be found in the following versions:
PSC = B5 output, easy output shaft
PSKC = B5 result, with keyway
PSCZ = B14, result, smooth output shaft
PSKCZ = B14 output, with keyway

This is exactly how servo gear reducer can be used for your benefit.