Worm reduction gearbox motor


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Zhejiang, China

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MW series worm reduction gearbox

Application: all kinds of industrial valves(butterfly,ball and plug,etc.) and dampers

Worm reduction gearbox motor

MW-series gearbox

MW series are available to all kinds of industrial valves – butterfly, ball and plug, etc. – and dampers which turn 90 degree basically and are designed and manufactured with the on-site experience and know-how for over 20 years of electric actuator maker.

By customer’s demand, gearboxes will be supplied with manual hand wheel or multi turn electric actuator.


– Adopted the international flange standard of EN ISO 5211

– Water tight as protection grade of IP-67

– Gear design considering high efficiency and long lifespan

– Self locking

– Allowable temperature from -25 to +80 degree celcious

– Splined stem bush for easily adjusting the angle during assembling

– Traveling angle of 135, 180, 360 degree, etc.(Option)

– Optional worm wheel of ALBC3 for modulating operation(Standard : ductile cast iron)

– Allowable torque : 500Nm ~ 125,000Nm