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Product Description


Model Displacement Pressure Speed Weight
    psi bar rpm  
  cm3 in3 Rated Peak Rated Peak Self Prime Max. lb kg
K3VL28 28 1.71 4600 5075 320 350 3000 3600 44 20
K3VL45 45 2.75 4600 5075 320 350 2700 3250 55 25
K3VL60 60 3.66 3625 4060 250 280 2400 3000 55 25
K3VL80 80 4.88 4600 5075 320 350 2400 3000 77 35
K3VL112 112 6.83 4600 5075 320 350 2200 2700 143 65
K3VL140 140 8.54 4600 5075 320 350 2200 2500 143 65
K3VL200 200 12.20 5075 5800 350 400 1900 2200 209 95
K3VL200H 200 12.20 5075 5800 350 400 2200 2200 269 122


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Price: SKS pump are much cheaper than OEM pump.


Availability: SKS pump are often more available than OEM pump.


Variety: SKS offer an extensive variety of pumps, allowing the possibility of finding any parts you would need in 1 single place.


Quality: All of CHINAMFG pumps must be tested as the original standard before the delivery, 100% equivalent to OEM pumps.



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All parts must be tested as the original standard before the delivery



For Kobelco Main Pump NO. For Sumitomo Main Pump NO.
SK60SR/70SR K3SP36B-(Without gear pump) SH130 K3V63DTP-9N2B
SK60SR/70SR K3SP36B-(Double gear pump) SH130-5 K7V63DTP-9Y2C
SK135/130 K3V63DTP-0E01/0E02 SH200-1 K3V112DT-9C12(12T)
SK135-8/140-8/130-8 K7V63DTP-0E13 SH200-1 K3V112DT-9C12(14T)
SK200SR K5V80DTP-0E02 SH240-5/SH200A5 K3V112DTP-9Y14
SK200-8/210-8/250-8 K3V112DTP-YT0K SH200A3 K3V112DTP-9N49
SK230-6E K3V112DTP-9TEL SH290-5 K5V140DTP-9Y15
SK200-6(with aluminum base) K3V112DTP-9TDL SH300A3 K5V140DTP-9N0A
SK200-6(With iron base) K3V112DT-9T1L SH350-5/SH300-5/CX360 K5V160DTP-9Y04
SK200-10/250-10 K7V125DTP-0E3K SH350-5 (K3V180) K5V160DTP180R-9Y04
SK330-6E (D3V112) K3V112DTP-9TBR SH450-5 K3V180DTP-9Y0A
SK330-6 (D3V112) K3V112DTP-9TBS    
SK350-8 K5V140DTP-YT0K    
SK330-6E(D5V140) K5V140DTP-9TBR    
SK330-6 (D5V140) K5V140DTP-9TBS    
SK350-10 K7V140DTP-0E3K    
SK450-6/-6E K3V180DTH-9TOV    
SK460-8 K5V200DPH-YTOK    
For Kato Main Pump NO. For  Main Pump NO.
HD512 K3V63DT-9N04 XE150 K3V63DT-9N4H/9N2H
HD700 HD820-1/2/3 K3V112DT-9N1A(14T) XE150 K7V63DTP-9N0E
HD700 HD820-1/2/3 K3V112DT-9N1A(12T) XE195/210/215/230/240 K3V112DT-9NC9
HD700 HD820-1/2/3 K3V112DT-9N1A(14T) XE195/210/215/230/240 K3V112DT-9ND9
HD700 HD820-1/2/3 K3V112DT-9N1A(12T) XE335C K3V140DT-9ND9
HD820-R K3V112DT-9N7A XE370C2/C3 K5V160DTH-9N3A/9N4A
HD1430 K3V180DT-9N15 XE450/470C3/490 K5V200DTH-9NOH
HD2045 K3V180DTH-9N2S    
For VOLVO Main Pump NO. For DOOSAN Main Pump NO.
EC145 K5V80DT-9NOJ DX150 K3V63DT-9N0T
EC210/EC240/EC210B K3V112DT-9N24 DH80/R80 AP2D36
SE240-3/EC240B K3V112DT-9N2A DH120/S130/150-7 K3V63DT-HNOV
EC210D K3V112DT-1E05 DH150 K3V63DTP-HNOW
EC290 K3V140DT-9N04 DH225-7 K3V112DT-HN0V
EC250D K5V140DT-1E05 DX225 K3V112DTP-9N1T
EC300D K5V160DT-1E05 DH225-9(PTO) K3V112DTP-HN2M
EC360(NEW)/EC380 K3V180DT-9N56(gear pump) DH225-9-E(PTO) K3V112DTP-9N2M
EC360(NEW)/EC380 K3V180DT-9N05(Without gear pump) DX260(PTO) K3V112DTP-9NM9
EC360 K3V180DTP-9N05 DH258 K3V112DTP-HN1F
EC380(NEW) K3V180DT-9N5P S290 K3V140DT-HNOV
EC460 K3V180DTH-9N2B S300-7 K5V140DTP-9N01
EC460 K5V200DTH-9N0B DX300 K5V140DTP-9N07
EC480D(NEW) K5V200DTP-9N8X DH320 K3V180DT-HN0P
EC480D K5V200DTH-9N2Y EC360-to-DH500 K5V200DTP-9N05
    SY335-to-DH500 K5V200DTH-DH500
For HYUNDAI Main Pump NO. For  Main Pump NO.
R130 K5V80DTP-9N05/9N01 SY75 K3VL80B-10RSM-L11-TB110
R140-7/170-7 K5V80DTP-9C05 SY75 (Electronic control) K3VL80/B-10RSM-L1/1-TB307
R150 K5V80DTP-9N0W SY135/SY135-5/-8 K7V63DTP-0E23
R130/150/160 K3V63DT-9N1S/9N01 SY130 K3V63DT-9N2H
R130/140-7 K3V63DT-9COS SY135 K3V63DT-9POH
R215-7 K3V112DT-9N3P SY205/215(Negative control)CM K3V112DTP-9TCM
R215-9 K3V112DTP-9P12 SY205/215(Positive control)8L K3V112DTP-9T8L
R215-9T/R225-9T/275-9T K3V112DTP-9N62 SY205/215(six holes)0E K3V112DTP-0E11
R210-7/220-7/225-7 K3V112DT-9C32 SY245/265 K7V125DTP-0E05/0E09
R290-7 K3V140DT-9C12 SY235 K5V140DTP-0E01
R300-7/305LC-7 K5V140DTP-9C12 SY235 K5V140DTP-9T1L
R320-3 K3V180DT-9N69 SY335 K5V160DTP-9T06
R320-7/335-7 K3V180DT-9C69 SY335 K5V160DTH-9T06
R350/360-3/R385-9T K3V180DTH-9N1S/9N4S SY335 K5V200DTH-9N1H
R360-7/7A K3V180DTH-9C0S SY385 K5V200DTH-0E30
R375/360-7 K3V180DTP-9COG SY365 K5V160DTH-0E60
R375/360-7 K3V180DTP-9COG(With PTO) SY330/360 K3V140DT-9TCM
R455 K5V200DTH-9C0Z SY285 K3V140DT-9T1L
    SY485 K5V212DPH-OE81
For HITACHI Main Pump NO. For LIUGONG Main Pump NO.
ZX200 HPV102 LG908 K3SP36C
ZX200-3 HPV118 LG915 K3V63DT-9N2J
ZX330/350/360-1 HPV145 LG920/922/923/925 K3V112DT-9N64
ZX330-3 HPV145 LG230 K3V112DT-2N59
ZX470-3 K5V200DPH-0E02 LG925EII K5V140DTP-9N25
ZX450-1 K5V200DPH-0E11 LG*** K3V112DTP-9NE4
For Main Pump NO. For ZOOMLION Main Pump NO.
PC200-7 HPV95 ZE150E K7V63DTP-9N0E
PC200-8 HPV95 ZE205/210/230/260 K3V112DT-9N94
For  Main Pump NO. Universal brand Main Pump NO.
CAT312B K3V63DT-9N2D Universal model K3V63DT-9N00(14T)
CAT312C SBS80 Universal model K3V112DT-9N00(14T)
CAT320C/320D SBS120    


Other Brands And Types We Have

Kom  atsu PC27 PC27MR PC30 PC35MR PC35  PC40 PC40MR PC45 PC45MR PC50MR PC50 PC55 PC56 PC60 PC60-6 PC60-7 PC70 PC75 PC75MR PC78 PC78US-6 PC78UU PC80 PC90 PC100 PC100-6 PC110 PC120 PC120-6 PC120-7 PC130 PC130-7 PC130-8 PC150 PC160 PC180 PC200 PC200-3 PC200-5 PC200-6 PC200-7 PC200-8 PC200LC PC210-8 PC210LC PC220-6 PC220-7 PC220LC PC210 PC220  PC230 PC240 PC240-8 PC240LC PC240-8MO PC270 PC270LC PC290 PC300 PC300LC PC350 PC360 PC360LC PC360-7 PC350-7 PC400 PC400LC PC450 PC450-7 PC500 PC500LC PC650  PC750  PC1100 PC1250 PC2000 PC60-8 PC200-8MO PC360-8MO PC18MR-3 PC30E-5 PC56-7 PC70-8 PC110-8MO PC130-8MO PC160LC-8 HB205-1MO PC210LC-8MO PC210-8MO PC210-8M0 PC215-10M0 PC215-10M PC215HD-10 PC215LC-10 HB215LC-1MO PC220-8MO PC240LC-8MO PC270-8 PC300-8M0 PC300-8MO PC390LC-8MO PC430-8
Hitachi EX12-2 EX15-2 EX15U-3 EX20UR-3 EX22 EX30 EX30U EX30UR-2 EX30UR-3 EX35 EX35-2 EX40-2 EX40U EX40UR EX40UR-2 EX45-2 EX50-5 EX1800 EX1900-5 EX1900-6 EX1900-6BE EX2500E-5LD EX2600E-6LD EX3600-6BH EX5500-5 EX8000 EX8000E-6LD Zaxis ZX ZX10U-2 ZX15 ZX15UR ZX17U-2 ZX17U-5A ZX18U-2 ZX8-2 ZX8U-2 ZX20U-3 ZX22U-2 ZX26U-5A ZX27U-2 ZX27U-3 ZX30 ZX30U-2 ZX30U-3 ZX30UR ZX30UR-2 ZX33U-5A ZX35 ZX35U ZX35U-2 ZX35U-3 ZX35U-5A ZX38U-5A ZX40U ZX40U-2 ZX40U-3 ZX40U-5A ZX40UR ZX40UR-3 ZX48U-5A ZX50 ZX50U-2 ZX50U-3 ZX50U-5A ZX50U-5B ZX55 ZX55U-5A ZX55UR ZX55UR-2D ZX55UR-3D
Kobelco SK03 SK05 SK07 SK30 SK35 SK60-5 SK70 SK100 SK120 SK120-5 SK130 SK140 SK140-8 SK200 SK200-3 SK200-5 SK135SR SK70SR SK60 SK120-5 SK200-8 SK210-8 SK250-8 SK260-8 SK130-8 SK200-6E SK210-6E SK160 SK300 SK300 SK330-8 SK330-6 SK350 SK400 SK400LC SK450 SK460 SK480 SK350LC-10 SK75-8 SK200-10 SK60-8 SK60-10 SK130-8 SK140LC-8 SK200 SuperX SK210D-10 SK210LC-10 SK210LC SuperX SK220XD-10 SK250-10 SK250 SuperX SK260LC-10
Hyundai  Robex R16-7 R17-9VS R17Z-9VS R22-7 R25Z-7 R35Z R35Z-9 R36N-7 R35-9VS R55-7 R55-7S R55I HX55 HX60 R60-5 R60-7 R60-7E R60-7G R60-9S R60-9VS R60-V R60CR-9A R60G R60VS R66VS R75DVS R75-7 R75-V R75BVS R75VS R80 R80-7 R80-7B R80-8B R80-9 R80-9B R80-9H R80G R110-7 R110D-7 R110D-7A R110VS R130 R130-3 R130-5 R130LC-5 R130LVS R130WD-5 R130VS R140 R140LC-7 R140LC-7A R140LCD-7 R140LCD-7A R140LCM-7 R140LCM-7A R150LC-7 R150-7 R150LC-9 R150LVS R110-7 R160LC-7 R160LCD-7 R170LC-5 R180LC-7 R180LC-7A R180LCD-7 R180LCD-7A R190-5 R190LC-5 R200-5 R200-5D
Kato HD80R HD820 HD820-3 HD820-5 HD1571 HD1430 HD700-7 HD1430-7 HD1250-7 HD450-7 HD250 HD308R HD308US-R5 HD512-R5 HD820-II HD820-R5 HD921 III HD1571-R5 HD1430-R5 HD1638R HD1638-R5 HD2048R HD18VX HD20 HD55 HD68 HD100 HD135
Kubota  KX155 KX135 KX161-3 U-10 U10 U15-3S U-15 U-17 U17-5 U20-3S U-20 U-25 U25-3S U30-5 U-30 U30-3S U30-5 U40-5 U40-3S U40 KX135-3S KX155-5 KX163-5 KX175-5 RX-153S RX153S ZX155-3SZ ZX155-3S ZX-155-3SZ RX203S RX-203S RX-305 RX-306 RX-405

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After-sales Service: Yes
Warranty: 1 Years
Type: Hydraulic Pump
Application: Excavator
Certification: CE, ISO9001: 2000
Condition: New


gear motor

Are there innovations or emerging technologies in the field of gear motor design?

Yes, there are several innovations and emerging technologies in the field of gear motor design. These advancements aim to improve the performance, efficiency, compactness, and reliability of gear motors. Here are some notable innovations and emerging technologies in gear motor design:

1. Miniaturization and Compact Design:

Advancements in manufacturing techniques and materials have enabled the miniaturization of gear motors without compromising their performance. Gear motors with compact designs are highly sought after in applications where space is limited, such as robotics, medical devices, and consumer electronics. Innovative approaches like micro-gear motors and integrated motor-gear units are being developed to achieve smaller form factors while maintaining high torque and efficiency.

2. High-Efficiency Gearing:

New gear designs focus on improving efficiency by reducing friction and mechanical losses. Advanced gear manufacturing techniques, such as precision machining and 3D printing, allow for the creation of intricate gear tooth profiles that optimize power transmission and minimize losses. Additionally, the use of high-performance materials, coatings, and lubricants helps reduce friction and wear, improving overall gear motor efficiency.

3. Magnetic Gearing:

Magnetic gearing is an emerging technology that replaces traditional mechanical gears with magnetic fields to transmit torque. It utilizes the interaction of permanent magnets to transfer power, eliminating the need for physical gear meshing. Magnetic gearing offers advantages such as high efficiency, low noise, compactness, and maintenance-free operation. While still being developed and refined, magnetic gearing holds promise for various applications, including gear motors.

4. Integrated Electronics and Controls:

Gear motor designs are incorporating integrated electronics and controls to enhance performance and functionality. Integrated motor drives and controllers simplify system integration, reduce wiring complexity, and allow for advanced control features. These integrated solutions offer precise speed and torque control, intelligent feedback mechanisms, and connectivity options for seamless integration into automation systems and IoT (Internet of Things) platforms.

5. Smart and Condition Monitoring Capabilities:

New gear motor designs incorporate smart features and condition monitoring capabilities to enable predictive maintenance and optimize performance. Integrated sensors and monitoring systems can detect abnormal operating conditions, track performance parameters, and provide real-time feedback for proactive maintenance and troubleshooting. This helps prevent unexpected failures, extend the lifespan of gear motors, and improve overall system reliability.

6. Energy-Efficient Motor Technologies:

Gear motor design is influenced by advancements in energy-efficient motor technologies. Brushless DC (BLDC) motors and synchronous reluctance motors (SynRM) are gaining popularity due to their higher efficiency, better power density, and improved controllability compared to traditional brushed DC and induction motors. These motor technologies, when combined with optimized gear designs, contribute to overall system energy savings and performance improvements.

These are just a few examples of the innovations and emerging technologies in gear motor design. The field is continuously evolving, driven by the need for more efficient, compact, and reliable motion control solutions in various industries. Gear motor manufacturers and researchers are actively exploring new materials, manufacturing techniques, control strategies, and system integration approaches to meet the evolving demands of modern applications.

gear motor

Can gear motors be used for precise positioning, and if so, what features enable this?

Yes, gear motors can be used for precise positioning in various applications. The combination of gear mechanisms and motor control features enables gear motors to achieve accurate and repeatable positioning. Here’s a detailed explanation of the features that enable gear motors to be used for precise positioning:

1. Gear Reduction:

One of the key features of gear motors is their ability to provide gear reduction. Gear reduction refers to the process of reducing the output speed of the motor while increasing the torque. By using the appropriate gear ratio, gear motors can achieve finer control over the rotational movement, allowing for more precise positioning. The gear reduction mechanism enables the motor to rotate at a slower speed while maintaining higher torque, resulting in improved accuracy and control.

2. High Resolution Encoders:

Many gear motors are equipped with high-resolution encoders. An encoder is a device that measures the position and speed of the motor shaft. High-resolution encoders provide precise feedback on the motor’s rotational position, allowing for accurate position control. The encoder signals are used in conjunction with motor control algorithms to ensure precise positioning by monitoring and adjusting the motor’s movement in real-time. The use of high-resolution encoders greatly enhances the gear motor’s ability to achieve precise and repeatable positioning.

3. Closed-Loop Control:

Gear motors with closed-loop control systems offer enhanced positioning capabilities. Closed-loop control involves continuously comparing the actual motor position (as measured by the encoder) with the desired position and making adjustments to minimize any position error. The closed-loop control system uses feedback from the encoder to adjust the motor’s speed, direction, and torque, ensuring accurate positioning even in the presence of external disturbances or variations in the load. Closed-loop control enables gear motors to actively correct for position errors and maintain precise positioning over time.

4. Stepper Motors:

Stepper motors are a type of gear motor that provides excellent precision and control for positioning applications. Stepper motors operate by converting electrical pulses into incremental steps of movement. Each step corresponds to a specific angular displacement, allowing precise positioning control. Stepper motors offer high step resolution, allowing for fine position adjustments. They are commonly used in applications that require precise positioning, such as robotics, 3D printers, and CNC machines.

5. Servo Motors:

Servo motors are another type of gear motor that excels in precise positioning tasks. Servo motors combine a motor, a feedback device (such as an encoder), and a closed-loop control system. They offer high torque, high speed, and excellent positional accuracy. Servo motors are capable of dynamically adjusting their speed and torque to maintain the desired position accurately. They are widely used in applications that require precise and responsive positioning, such as industrial automation, robotics, and camera pan-tilt systems.

6. Motion Control Algorithms:

Advanced motion control algorithms play a crucial role in enabling gear motors to achieve precise positioning. These algorithms, implemented in motor control systems or dedicated motion controllers, optimize the motor’s behavior to ensure accurate positioning. They take into account factors such as acceleration, deceleration, velocity profiling, and jerk control to achieve smooth and precise movements. Motion control algorithms enhance the gear motor’s ability to start, stop, and position accurately, reducing position errors and overshoot.

By leveraging gear reduction, high-resolution encoders, closed-loop control, stepper motors, servo motors, and motion control algorithms, gear motors can be effectively used for precise positioning in various applications. These features enable gear motors to achieve accurate and repeatable positioning, making them suitable for tasks that require precise control and reliable positioning performance.

gear motor

Are there specific considerations for selecting the right gear motor for a particular application?

When selecting a gear motor for a specific application, several considerations need to be taken into account. The choice of the right gear motor is crucial to ensure optimal performance, efficiency, and reliability. Here’s a detailed explanation of the specific considerations for selecting the right gear motor for a particular application:

1. Torque Requirement:

The torque requirement of the application is a critical factor in gear motor selection. Determine the maximum torque that the gear motor needs to deliver to perform the required tasks. Consider both the starting torque (the torque required to initiate motion) and the operating torque (the torque required to sustain motion). Select a gear motor that can provide adequate torque to handle the load requirements of the application. It’s important to account for any potential torque spikes or variations during operation.

2. Speed Requirement:

Consider the desired speed range or specific speed requirements of the application. Determine the rotational speed (in RPM) that the gear motor needs to achieve to meet the application’s performance criteria. Select a gear motor with a suitable gear ratio that can achieve the desired speed at the output shaft. Ensure that the gear motor can maintain the required speed consistently and accurately throughout the operation.

3. Duty Cycle:

Evaluate the duty cycle of the application, which refers to the ratio of operating time to rest or idle time. Consider whether the application requires continuous operation or intermittent operation. Determine the duty cycle’s impact on the gear motor, including factors such as heat generation, cooling requirements, and potential wear and tear. Select a gear motor that is designed to handle the expected duty cycle and ensure long-term reliability and durability.

4. Environmental Factors:

Take into account the environmental conditions in which the gear motor will operate. Consider factors such as temperature extremes, humidity, dust, vibrations, and exposure to chemicals or corrosive substances. Choose a gear motor that is specifically designed to withstand and perform optimally under the anticipated environmental conditions. This may involve selecting gear motors with appropriate sealing, protective coatings, or materials that can resist corrosion and withstand harsh environments.

5. Efficiency and Power Requirements:

Consider the desired efficiency and power consumption of the gear motor. Evaluate the power supply available for the application and select a gear motor that operates within the specified voltage and current ranges. Assess the gear motor’s efficiency to ensure that it maximizes power transmission and minimizes wasted energy. Choosing an efficient gear motor can contribute to cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

6. Physical Constraints:

Assess the physical constraints of the application, including space limitations, mounting options, and integration requirements. Consider the size, dimensions, and weight of the gear motor to ensure it can be accommodated within the available space. Evaluate the mounting options and compatibility with the application’s mechanical structure. Additionally, consider any specific integration requirements, such as shaft dimensions, connectors, or interfaces that need to align with the application’s design.

7. Noise and Vibration:

Depending on the application, noise and vibration levels may be critical factors. Evaluate the acceptable noise and vibration levels for the application’s environment and operation. Choose a gear motor that is designed to minimize noise and vibration, such as those with helical gears or precision engineering. This is particularly important in applications that require quiet operation or where excessive noise and vibration may cause issues or discomfort.

By considering these specific factors when selecting a gear motor for a particular application, you can ensure that the chosen gear motor meets the performance requirements, operates efficiently, and provides reliable and consistent power transmission. It’s important to consult with gear motor manufacturers or experts to determine the most suitable gear motor based on the specific application’s needs.

China best Manufacturer Supply CHINAMFG A6vm80ha1t&63W-V2b380A-Ks Hydraulic Motor Pump Hydraulic Motor Hydraulic Pump Hydraulic Gear Pump Hydraulic Motor   vacuum pump	China best Manufacturer Supply CHINAMFG A6vm80ha1t&63W-V2b380A-Ks Hydraulic Motor Pump Hydraulic Motor Hydraulic Pump Hydraulic Gear Pump Hydraulic Motor   vacuum pump
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