Planetary gearbox

Leading manufacturer of helical gearboxes in Pune.

Helical gear box

Helical gear box
  • Helical gear box
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product detailed information:

Usage/application Industrial application
phase Simplex
Ingredients Low-carbon steel
Classified by brand Agknx Motor
Output torque (Nm) 20 Nm,ro
Voltage 220 415-V
Cleaning frequency 50/60 Hz
speed 1440 speed

  • Rugged aluminum die-cast housing
  • The transmission device complies with the latest international high standards
  • Various motors and brake motors, including variable frequency motors
  • Units that can be used in harsh environments
  • Integral cast foot or flange design
  • Stylish design, easy to clean
  • All bearings are selected to provide long-term trouble-free operation
  • High-quality sealing, enhanced leakage protection
  • The output side is an integral part of the housing, the output cover without bolts will cause leakage or gear misalignment
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